The Planet and Technology – An Alternative Solution to Overpopulation

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Posted By Zoey Fernandez

During my teenage years I did a lot of reading about the planet and technology. What was happening with the environment was always at the forefront of my mind. After the first few years of college I was either working for a company or running a small business that I had to keep up with.

The problem we face as a society is that overpopulation is something we can not afford. A few decades ago I saw the problems of overpopulation and realized how dire the situation really was.

I was completely convinced that if people didn’t act they would have to fight and kill one another. And it is not going to get any better if we continue on the current path we are on.

I now believe that development of the Earth is the greatest challenge facing our world today. And the cost to solve the problem is far greater than most people can handle. The United States government is willing to provide funding for solutions and help but when you look at the amount of people who will have to be helped by such funds is daunting.

Two of the major industrialized nations do not seem to want to help. Even China is reluctant to change their ways in order to deal with their own population and environmental problems.

What I find so disturbing is that it appears that the people who are developing these technologies have not considered the planetary problems that come along with such a system. If the planet were allowed to progress to the point where many different resources could be harvested then some would inevitably run out, meaning that there would be a need for energy.

So what happens when the energy source becomes depleted?

You have energy shortages and even major shortages and a price spiral.

Whenyou consider this scenario, you can see why there is such a dire need for solutions now. It is pretty much a given that in order to avoid this situation we must use technology and research in order to expand the amount of sustainable energy we use.

Renewable Energy

The alternative to using energy in the way that we do now is to build renewable energy sources. So if you use the term renewable energy in relation to this article it simply means that the energy source is not derived from fossil fuels.

Renewable energy is the alternative to the use of coal, oil and other fossil fuels, which generate a large amount of energy per unit of volume. This energy source is only as good as the system that creates it.

Sound familiar? The environment and technology solution to this problem cannot simply be seen or heard. It must be addressed, studied and discussed to avoid a collapse of civilization.

The question of why do I want to build a planet and technology has been discussed for years. But, if you look at the way people live now, you realize that there is a big difference in the way people are living. People are putting themselves in harm’s way by driving cars and getting into all sorts of problems.

People have no idea what they are getting into when they take a space trip. It may seem cool, but when you get back you find out that you have to cut back your life long savings, quit your job, missed appointments and are in debt.

Imagine a world where we have space travel and never leave the earth, no more business trips, no more travel to foreign countries or any other things we may use to put off our work. Or, we could live on earth in an isolated area to go out to the beach, get on the golf course and enjoy life.

Maybe the whole idea of life on the earth is that it only benefits us. We may have the technology, but we are not benefiting the environment, no matter how much we spend, if we were to never leave the earth.

If we build a spaceship and only go to space trip once a year or less, then maybe we can save the planet. But, if we have a constant supply of space, then we can build more of them until we have almost all the earth’s surface.

We cannot afford to do this because there is a problem with the environment. There are enough food, fuel and water and we are using up too much.

As we lose the area of space, we lose something important. With no planet or technology, we are creating a lot of problems for ourselves.

Think about it, if we can create a reliable source of food, water and fuel from space, then we can save the planet from disaster. Once we use up the area of space, we could even use the Earths resources as fuel to power the spacecraft.

One thing is for sure, people want to live on the planet but they are living a hard life, sometimes without any money. Life seems like a bad dream, as we only seem to be saving some for ourselves and family.

  • We are living in a generation where technology is always around, but the future generations are not making use of it.
  • They have no concept of what life is really like now, or what life will be like in twenty or thirty years’ time.
  • Instead, they only want to live in the present, as if the present was perfect.
  • We need to think about whether or not we will continue to use up resources and stop helping the environment, or if we should build more satellites to save the planet.

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