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Posted By Zoey Fernandez

Let’s face it, technology has radically altered the way we live and do business. A common misconception about the technology is that we have to use it or we’re doomed to failure. There is some truth to this statement but only when we understand what technology is all about.

The most basic definition of technology is “a way of doing things.” Technology is made up of methods of accomplishing a purpose or achieving a result. We cannot survive without technology. Technology is not a matter of if you have it, but how you use it.

Information technology has become a common buzz word in our culture. But do we really understand the definition of technology? What makes technology a skill?

As humanity made more scientific discoveries about the universe and nature, we began to create new ways of doing things. Before we had the understanding of how to create these devices, people went out and figured them out. Technology developed from simple things like the wheel and the compass. They were simple and worked great but what did they accomplish?

Simple tools were constructed and then placed in a place where they could be used to their maximum effect. People wanted to improve on the original invention and created many more similar inventions. Now we have factories, automobiles, bridges, airplanes, homes, appliances, computers, cellular phones, and even clothing.

As technology advanced, it was necessary to do so because physical inventions became obsolete. If a device does what it was designed to do then it is obsolete. Once the technology is out of date or not as useful as the maker originally intended, it needs to be replaced.

The next logical step after technological advances was to put all these devices together into one larger machine. This was the development of the internet and software. From there technology was designed to be used from the computer to the internet to the phone. It has been noted that the things people can do now, did not exist a few decades ago.

At first, our idea of technology was seen as being too old-fashioned type of mentality. It wasn’t until radio started broadcasting that the modern world took form. Radio stations were invented to broadcast music, stories, and news throughout the nation.

Newspapers were another thing that helped to build the modern world. As technology developed, so did printing presses and the invention of lithography and mass production. Today we use computers to handle our business transactions, listen to music and television, and do our banking. Businesses have developed new products in order to meet the demands of customers.

The process of developing technology involves many moving parts and sometimes malfunctioning parts. We haven’t fully mastered this aspect of technology yet. We need to continue to improve technology by incorporating new ideas.

In the old days, there were people who lived in the sticks without electricity or running water. In this time and place, there were still tools and inventions that helped to improve technology. The journey of mankind has just begun and we are just scratching the surface. Technology will continue to evolve for the rest of our lives.

We all have to embrace technological advancement if we want to improve our lives. We all need to stay abreast of the latest developments in technology.

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