Environmentalism and the Green Movement

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Posted By Zoey Fernandez

When you read about the latest controversies surrounding environmentalism, you might be a little perplexed. What is environmentalism? Is it still relevant to our day and age? Have the controversies of the past finally disappeared?

The green movement has always been controversial. Its adherents can sometimes seem to be angry. Indeed, many environmentalists feel like there are too many people out there who really don’t care for the environment at all.

For instance, some feel that it is simply a waste of time and money to try to stop climate change because they do not care for clean air and water. It is just a lifestyle choice and not necessarily a wise one. This is a problem in environmentalism.

Ecologists have a different perspective. They claim that climate change is already here, and we should be focused on what can be done about it. That is to help our environment. They feel that what we currently do to our environment and nature will affect how we live the rest of our lives.

Most environmentalists believe that what they are doing now is contributing to our long-term future. It is time to make changes now, rather than later. After all, the Earth is only a few thousand years old.

They are also trying to use the media and the “green movement” to educate the public about new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. How can these efforts help save the planet?

One major way is to use energy efficient appliances. This can cut your electricity bill by many hundreds of dollars a year. You can also have solar panels installed at home. If you use a small amount of electricity each month, then you can cut your bills down even more. In fact, using solar panels can cut your energy bill down as much as 90% by using small amounts of energy each month.

Even more environmentally friendly are the new materials that have been created to make candles, jewelry, and other items. You can also recycle old items and get new ones that are biodegradable.

Even if you cannot create your own products, there are many green jobs out there. For example, you can work as a gardener or a construction worker. There are companies that hire individuals for tasks like this, and they will pay you fairly well.

You can find other opportunities for business as well, and these can include starting a new business, starting a home based business, or taking on an intern. Even if you do not want to make money from it, you can enjoy being able to volunteer.

People can get really upset about the environmentalism movement because of all the negative comments made by the general public. You will still see plenty of positive things said, such as the creation of beautiful gardens and parks. However, they are not often heard from the public.

Some people may still be suspicious of the environmentalists, but the more negative attitudes are all coming from certain groups, not the general public. As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone.

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