An Alternative to Capitalism – Environmentalism

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An alternative to capitalism, environmentalism is a movement that has been gaining steam. Environmentalism advocates the reduction of human dependency on non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and chemicals. In this article we discuss the alternatives to environmentalism, as well as some history on why we should care about the environment.

Environmentalism is one of the most unique concepts in the world of politics and economics. It is an ideology that recognizes the need for environmental quality improvement as an economic tool. If you think about it, without environmental standards, pollution can damage the economy of the country. So by setting aside a small portion of each oil company’s revenues to support environmental improvements, it makes sense economically and protects the future of the planet.

Additionally, industrialized countries tend to be plagued with poor economies, which often result in increasing industrial pollution. Not only is that the case in countries like the US, it also seems to be the case everywhere, with China being an obvious example.

At the same time, pollution is a major problem for many poor people in third world countries. With oil prices soaring because of a glut, it’s difficult for these people to make ends meet.

If we really care about the environment, then we must acknowledge the problems that are causing environmental problems. There are few better ways to do that than to set aside a small percentage of oil companies’ profits. Let’s look at some examples of environmental issues.

Pollution, as the name implies, refers to any form of waste that has an adverse effect on the environment. Pollution often comes from the activities of the public. It might come from factories, oil refineries, or sewage treatment plants.

Once you recognize the source of pollution, then it becomes easier to determine the best course of action. Unfortunately, the best course of action is usually not to confront an offender. But by educating people, we can start to eliminate pollution.

Environmentalism also applies to the public. We can use the example of individuals that misuse substances in their homes. By educating the public, we can begin to solve these problems. Unfortunately, many people are simply unaware of the issues that affect them.

The second issue that environmentalism addresses is clean water. A lack of clean water is one of the biggest concerns of people in third world countries. To address this, governments are often forced to enact legislation to ensure clean water is available to their citizens.

The importance of clean water cannot be overstated. Many diseases that plague Americans come from contaminated water. By providing clean water, people are healthier and disease free.

A third major concern that environmentalists have is global warming. Global warming has become a major topic in the news lately. People are watching television, waiting for the next report.

Despite the increasing amount of global warming, environmentalists are still fighting against its occurrence, but its effects are becoming more apparent. We must take measures now to protect the environment.

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