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Microsoft is one of those companies that brought meaning to the word ‘innovation’. Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint are applications that we use daily, as they have become a part of our work schedule. But the release of Office 365, made certain changes to both the industry and the company. So, to gain more insights about the same here is all that you need to know about Office 365.

The Introduction

Starting things without an introduction cannot provide any basis for all the information that you are going to receive. So, let’s go step by step. Office 365 was launched in 2001 as a cloud-based subscription model of Microsoft’s popular application Microsoft Office. It comes handy and contains all the core applications of Microsoft. So, you will find Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Skype etc. along with Office 365. The number of versions which are available ensures that it satisfies your needs to the maximum. Such variants include ones for students, personal use, multi-users and a lot more.


Why it’s Good for Your Business.

The vast set of advantages that Microsoft Office has been providing users can never be valued. Our daily needs translate us to utilize one of their applications, and with Office 365, you can continue to do so. So, with Office 365, all your applications and services are primarily connected with each other and the wider web. Outsourcing¬† IT support can ensure you don’t waste time or money dealing with Office 365 issues. This new change, in turn, calls for a new set of pros that encourage teamwork, saves time and increase the efficiency of the task performed to a large extent. With the involvement of Cloud Storage, Office 365 allows people to work based on their location of comfort. Apart from all that, the essential ingredient known as security makes Office 365 a must for businesses.

The Difference

If you think that the previous versions had the same features and upgrading does not make sense, then you are entirely wrong. It can be got based on subscription, and that means you need not buy the entire copy like before. The new updates make matters more interesting, with security being one of the core requirements. But for on-premise users, things don’t seem to be interesting since they have to buy a new copy of the version to use all the features. But on the plus side, users need not maintain any kind of hardware to run it. Email hosting and cloud storage also provide users with the added advantage of accessing the files anywhere and everywhere. The inclusion of new tools is something that might help your business to grow and increase sales to a certain extent. Hence, with all these points, Office 365 makes things simple by taking them to the next level.