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The launch of Microsoft 365 made everybody think about its difference with Office 365. But Microsoft was keen on silencing everyone, as the list of differences was huge. So now people want to know all about Microsoft 365 and this article satisfies that purpose.

The Introduction

Microsoft 365 includes some smart features that at times, makes the application a better choice than the Office 365. Along with the regular tools such as Outlook, Word, you are also provided with Enterprise Mobility + Security. Based upon the plans of your subscription, you will receive specific terms and conditions that include different variants. The Microsoft 365 Business is a unique plan that can be classified as an upgrade from the Office 365 Business Premium. Certain tools, such as track team metrics, invoices are some features that you will not find in Office 365 Business Premium.


Important Features

The features that are included in the Microsoft 365 makes matters simple and unique. Microsoft has tried to cover every single aspect in it,without the need of outsourced IT, letting the work schedule of your business organisation to flow in a unique manner. Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft Graph are some of its major features. So that allows the flow of work to carry on without any interruption. The different variants should be selected based upon the number of employees. Apart from that, Cloud Storage, Cyber Threat protection, data protection controls are some of its other features that might not be available in Office 365. The new Office 365 also features an entire new suite of security enhancements.

The Complete Overview

Summing up the entire application’s overview would be a difficult task, as it is wide and including everything might not make sense. So we are going to speak about certain things that stood out from the rest and the usual set of features. The Microsoft Graph is one such feature that counts, as it includes data from all your activities such as Office applications and so on. But you can also add inputs from Linkedin, Bing, among a few others. When it comes to mobile features, Microsoft shines, as it offers mobile management tools. Security, app settings to iOS and Android devices and Windows desktop and tablets are all included. But we are saving the best for last, and that is security. The improved form of security from the Office 365 was well thought off and useful.



If you are confused about going for the Microsoft 365, then you must take the free trial and get better clarity on things. In terms of pricing, you will end up paying $20 every month for a single user. As far as the features and the user experience is concerned, we would term the price as value for money.